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In the beginning

RIVER KNIGHT consists of MARK STONE RIVER on lead vocals and longtime friend DARREN KNIGHT on guitar and harmonies, playing their own brand of acoustic guitar based indie, folk, rock, pop songs. The guys have known each other a long time and have been in bands together over the years starting with Happy As Larry and concluding with This Black Static. They first got together as a duo around mid 2017 after the tragic and way too soon passing of Darren's wife. These get togethers started out as what can best be described as “therapy jams” which were part of Darren's grieving/healing process, and it was during these sessions that the first RIVER KNIGHT song was written. That first song was HEAVEN’S DOOR, and over the course of the remaining time in 2017 and early 2018 that song was added to by the likes of SENSE OUT OF CRISIS and SHE CAME ROUND. What’s more, the fellas had also been jamming though some cover songs by artists such as Craig David and Gloria Gaynor amongst others, and sometime around February 2018 they came to the conclusion that they were on to a good thing so decided to make the pairing an official thing and RIVER KNIGHT was born.

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