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Available to buy

Available to buy

Green and Gold - Bandcamp

Green and Gold | River Knight ( Single Official Release 24th November 2023
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Unsprung - Bandcamp

Unsprung | River Knight (  Single Official Release 16th December 2022
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Grow - Bandcamp

Grow | River Knight ( Full album or individual songs Released 25th June 2021
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Heaven's Door - Bandcamp

Heaven's Door | River Knight ( Charity single Released 17th December 2018
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"River Knight’s latest single, Green and Gold, is a socialist orchestral folk-rock masterpiece" RIVER KNIGHT EXTENDED EMPATHY FOR POLITICALLY DERIVED MALADY IN THEIR ORCHESTRAL FOLK-ROCK SCORE, GREEN AND GOLD 
"Unsprung touches on all these aspects of great rock songwriting and does it with that authentic character that just feels slightly nostalgic but all around really good to listen to." Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine - Unsprung - River Knight
"Poetic and open all at once, the song walks the line between the deeply personal, and that which is accessible on a broader level." River Knight - Unsprung - Stereo Stickman 
"With such a stunning orchestral string ensemble and hints of the Verve and 90s Britpop in the verses, who is complaining?" The UK orchestral folk duo RIVER KNIGHT is on melodious form in their sanctuary spilling single, UNSPRUNG. - Independent Music - New Music - Music Industry Blog …
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Meet The Band

In the beginning

RIVER KNIGHT consists of MARK STONE RIVER on lead vocals and longtime friend DARREN KNIGHT on guitar and harmonies, playing their own brand of acoustic guitar based indie, folk, rock, pop songs. The guys have known each other a long time and have been in ...

The first recording

2018 saw them add to their growing set, adding new songs like STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, NOT HOW YOU MOTHER, MYSTIC MILES and ELOPE, while also resurrecting a couple of songs they had written together in the past, those being REGRET MY GOODBYES, SOMETHING GONE ...

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