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Recording in isolation

RIVER KNIGHT continued gigging and during this time Darren had started lodging with another longtime friend Jez Ross-Clyne, who coincidentally had a custom studio in the house, so it only seemed fitting they would record their debut album there. Just as they were about to start, the Covid pandemic hit us and lockdown came into full effect; all live shows were cancelled and the pair couldn’t get together. Luckily Mark also had a makeshift studio at his house and coincidentally used the same equipment that Jez used, so not to be deterred RIVER KNIGHT started recording remotely while separated. Throughout this period they were able to record the majority of their debut album while remaining apart, getting together at the end of lockdown to put the finishing touches to the album, which also involved having a few guests play on a few of the songs. The final result was an album of 10 songs, with an 11th that was supposed to be a bonus track harking back to the early days of CD. On 25th June 2021 GROW, an album of songs that celebrate the power of positivity, full of character and meaning, was digitally released online to the world. The guys started gigging once more, again in and around the Southampton, Portsmouth and London areas for the remainder of 2021.

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