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The first recording

2018 saw them add to their growing set, adding new songs like STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, NOT HOW YOU MOTHER, MYSTIC MILES and ELOPE, while also resurrecting a couple of songs they had written together in the past, those being REGRET MY GOODBYES, SOMETHING GONE WRONG and SHADES THAT HIDE THE SUN. On top of this, new covers were being learnt and it was time to put to the test with a live audience. RIVER KNIGHT started playing gigs in and around the Southampton, Portsmouth and London areas on a regular basis and soon realised they needed something recorded. The guys started off recording at home using very basic software on Darren’s I-Pad, and while these recordings served their purpose for the pair, they soon came to the conclusion they were not what the fully realised versions of the songs should be.So around September of that year they contacted another longtime friend in Greyum May (Keeper's Brew) and started recording at Mutant Labs Studio in Southampton. On 17th December 2018, the 2nd anniversary of Darren’s beloved’s passing, the fully recorded version of HEAVEN’S DOOR was released on Bandcamp, followed by a Spotify release in early 2019 that also included the I-Pad demo version.

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