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Vinyl and CD

Throughout 2022 RIVER KNIGHT continued to tirelessly perform and had new material to be recorded, so they grabbed what time they could in between the live shows and were able to release UNSPRUNG through all the usual streaming platforms on 16th December 2022. A cross between a conventional guitar based folk pop song and a sweeping epic backed with a full orchestra, itt has been compared to Richard Ashcroft and The Verve and received many favourable reviews. This song is the positive to the negative of Heaven’s Door. It’s a song about finding your way out of the darkness and discovering love once again. A few months later, in May 2023, they were able to re-release the album, but this time as something tangible by way of CD, and also fulfil a lifelong goal of having a very limited edition version of UNSPRUNG released on vinyl, backed with the 1st versions of HEAVEN’S DOOR.

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