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Recording Artists Guild - Unsprung

"Unsprung touches on all these aspects of great rock songwriting and does it with that authentic character that just feels slightly nostalgic but all around really good to listen to."

Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine - Unsprung - River Knight

Stereo Stickman - Unsprung

"Poetic and open all at once, the song walks the line between the deeply personal, and that which is accessible on a broader level."

River Knight - Unsprung - Stereo Stickman 

A&R Factory - Unsprung

"With such a stunning orchestral string ensemble and hints of the Verve and 90s Britpop in the verses, who is complaining?"

The UK orchestral folk duo RIVER KNIGHT is on melodious form in their sanctuary spilling single, UNSPRUNG. - Independent Music - New Music - Music Industry Blog ( 

First Angel Media - She Came Round

“She Came Round is more than just a positivity anthem; it’s a reminder that the most beautiful things in life sneak up on you."

River Knight Glides Across Waters with New Single - First Angel Media

Recording Artist Guild - Grow

"You can feel all of these great influences in the music and most importantly, you can hear that intensity of what the songs mean."

Recording Artists Guild Digital Magazine - Grow - River Knight 

A&R Factory - She Came Round

"the semi-orchestral folky instrumentals run in the same vein as Dylan’s did in the 70s, there’s a touch of Oasis and the Stone Roses to the vocals"

Folk meets Britpop in River Knight’s latest single, She Came Round, featuring Ralph Walling. - Independent Music - New Music - Music Industry Blog ( 

Stereo Stickman - Grow

"Nostalgic as you could hope for, naturally crafted, confidently performed, even with an unexpected touch of hip hop during the closer."

River Knight - Grow - Stereo Stickman

A&R Factory - Mystic Miles

Local Band Smokeout - She Came Round

"8.1 out of 10 - If I was in a bar, I'd be like, Hell yeah, let's go"

Local Band Smokeout - Reaction/Review 

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